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The context of the movie Watchmen takes place in 1985 assumed, when superheroes exist, Richard Nixon is still president, and the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union is very serious. Vigilante Commissioner Rorschach is investigating the assassination Comedian and discovers a series of killing of other superheroes.
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IGN Movies
I truly wanted to love Watchmen, but I never warmed up to it and ended up only liking it in parts.
June 10, 2014
If you haven't read the source material I think you're going to dislike it even more than I did. So yeah, it's sort of bad news around here.
May 06, 2011
The New Republic
[T]there are problems both with the tale, which was an awful lot more subversive 20 years ago than it is today, and the telling, which in contrast to Moore's radical experimentation is disappointingly staid and straightforward.
March 06, 2009
New York Times
Zack Snyder's film version of Watchmen is a grim and grisly excursion into comic-book mythology.
March 06, 2009
Watchmen the movie provides ample evidence that more is more, but less might have been closer to Moore in spirit (that is, anarchic, witty and compelling).
April 14, 2013
Great book, mediocre adaptation.
March 13, 2009
Christian Science Monitor
Watchmen left me looking at the exit far more often than at the screen.
March 09, 2009
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