The Wood

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This film follows the memories of a writer. In his wedding day, he accidentally deals with a friend's cold feet which reminds him of his youth with his best friends. Let's follow him and his wonderful memories in this interesting movie
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Entertainment Today
A well-intentioned exercise in humanism... but as art or a successful narrative, the movie is ultimately empty.
August 26, 2002
Film Threat
It wants to be Boyz in the Hood (Boyz in the Wood) but the obscenity laced dialogue and raw objectification of woman renders it a contrite pretender more along the lines of Booty Call and Trippin.
December 08, 2002
This rambling and episodic autobiographical saga of three friends coming of age in Inglewood, Calif. in the '80s is so determined to be likable that it forgets to be interesting.
January 01, 2000
Sight and Sound
Never delves much deeper into the three friends' psychology than a sitcom pilot would, though the cast try their best.
December 02, 2002
Miami Herald
Even the charismatic Epps can't bail out a script that lacks tension, too often substitutes high-fives for dialogue or action and calls for farce scenes that used to get 'em rolling in the stone aisles of ancient Greece.
January 01, 2000
Globe and Mail
Choppy coming-of-age story.
April 25, 2003
New York Magazine/Vulture
Inane coming-of-age comedy.
January 01, 2000
New York Post
Artificial, tension-free.
January 01, 2000