The Whistleblower

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The film depicts the experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, a cop from Nebraska, who served as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia and outed the U.N. for covering up a sex scandal.
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Common Sense Media
The thriller stuff is very soft, and the docudrama stuff is too focused on "Oscar moments" (i.e. huge expressions of outrage and torment).
March 09, 2012
Miami Herald
In Weisz's eyes, we see Kathryn's transformation from a public servant doing what's expected of her to a crusader driven to by her own conscience. Her performance is terrific; the movie, sadly, is not.
September 01, 2011
Arizona Republic
You come away from watching the film with a moral bellyache.
August 25, 2011
The Whistleblower goes off the rails a little -- I guess in an attempt to create more drama out of an already dramatic situation. As the plot devices pile up towards the end, it's a bit frustrating because there's a good movie in there somewhere.
January 30, 2012
7M Pictures
Yes, The Whistleblower has its heart in the right place. However, that heart is bleeding a little too much.
February 06, 2012
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
If this well-meaning melodrama contains a call to action, it's as quiet as a dog whistle.
August 26, 2011