StreetDance 2

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After a humiliating defeat, Ash scour the continent for crack free-stylers to join his crew for a rematch against the Invincible crew with a dance style they weren't expecting.
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Toronto Star
If you're hoping for intricate plotting, suspense or even nominal character development, StreetDance 2 is unlikely to waltz away with your heart.
April 12, 2012
What Culture
Like almost all dance films, Streetdance 2 has failed to find extremely talented dancers who are also even remotely credible actors.
April 02, 2012
Jam! Movies
Energetic dance routines interrupted now and then by unlikely dialogue and wooden acting: Welcome to StreetDance 2.
April 13, 2012
It's cornier than a field full of maize, of course, but its lack of scrappy charm renders it so tedious...
April 01, 2012
The List
All the sentiments about 'being all you can be' fall somewhat flat against the cynically commercial feel of StreetDance 2's enterprise, which credits the audience with one brain-cell each.
April 02, 2012
As a piece of catchy pop culture, the StreetDance franchise has a natural buzz - just don't expect much more than awesome moves for your money.
March 31, 2012
Globe and Mail
So slapped together it feels less like a movie than an extended montage...
April 13, 2012
Common Sense Media
Sexier dance sequel light on plot but heavy on dancing.
May 12, 2015